We want to thank you first of all, for your interest in getting to know about us!

We are a Recreational Gymnastics School, as well as Competitive, although we do have a competition team that represents us in our industry. We focus on "the child" with a non-competitive mind. We allow every child to be the best they can be, and encourage them to achive their individual potential.

We follow the USA Gymnastics national federation rules and guidelines and instruct all levels of gymnastics. We pay outstanding detail to the fundamentals as these are the building blocks for the future, and the most important aspect in preparing a fantastic Gymnast!

Every year since we opened the doors in 2010, we have focused on bringing the best service to our Kendall community children, by offering them a caring and warm atmosphere, a place where they feel they can't just get enough!  - Come see for yourself, it's a FREE trial class :O)

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Our classes are small in order to provide the children with the best attention possible. 


We have all sorts of specilized olympic equipment for all around skill development.


Parents are welcomed to watch the classes from the viewing window. However, parents are not allowed in the gym area.

Enjoy a sneak peek of our gyms!


We hope you stop by and have your child enjoy our FREE trial class!

                               See you soon! TGA


  • Pommel horse

  • 2 sets of rings

  • Mushrooms and bucket

  • Parallel bars and parallettes

  • Landing blocks and crash mats

  • Training aids and foam blocks

  • Climbing ropes

  • Floor mats

  • and much more!

  • Specialized Spring floors

  • Asymmetric bars

  • Low and High balance beams

  • Vaulting equipment

  • Spring boards

  • Tumbl Trak Trampoline

  • Double mini Trampoline

  • Wall/ Stall bars

  • All Rhythmic equipment

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